Game List:




One: یه‌ک  [yek]

Two: دوو  [dw]

Three: سێ  [se]

Four: چوار  [chwar]

Five: پێنج  [penj]

Six: شه‌ش  [shesh]

Seven: حه‌وت  [hewt]

Eight: هه‌شت  [hesht]

Nine: نۆ  [no]

Ten: ده‌  [de]


First: یه‌که‌م  [yekem]

Second: دووه‌م  [dwwem]



Days of the week and time expressions:


Monday: دوو شه‌ممه‌  [dw shemme]

Tuesday: سێ شه‌ممه‌  [se shemme]

Wednesday: چوار شه‌ممه‌  [chwar shemme]

Thursday: پێنج شه‌ممه‌  [penj shemme]

Friday: هه‌ینی  [haniy]

Saturday: شه‌ممه‌  [shemme]

Sunday: یه‌ک شه‌ممه‌  [yek shemme]


Now: ئێستا  [esta]

Yesterday: دوێنێ  [dwene]

Today: ئه‌مڕۆ  [amro]

Tonight: ئه‌مشه‌و  [amshew]

Tomorrow: سبه‌ینێ  [sbeine]



Colors that we think are very important to remember:


Red: سور  [swr]

Green: سه‌وز  [kesk]

Yellow: سه‌وز  [zer]

Blue: شین  [sheen]

White: سپی  [speey]

Black: ره‌ش  [resh]

Grey: خۆڵه‌مێشی  [kholameshy]



Animals and pets popular to everyone:


Cat: پشیله‌  [pshile]

Mouse: مشک  [mshk]

Cow: مانگا  [manga]

Dog: سه‌گ  [seg]

Bird: باڵنده‌  [balinde]

Horse: ئه‌سپ  [asp]



Body parts which are talked about more often:


Hand: ده‌ست  [dest]

Hair: قژ  [qzh]

Mouth: ده‌م  [dem]

Feet: پێ  [pe]

Eye: چاو  [chaw]

Nose: لوت  [lwt]




Movie - Cartoon:

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